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I Really Need to Work Harder at This

See, it’s not that I like to let these blogs I start just wither and die, I really need to find direction.  So I will sit and think about that.  For now, a quick thumbs up/thumbs down to things that … Continue reading

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Set Your DVRs!

At 7 o’clock on WTTW, Chicago Tonight will have an interview with Lawrence Okrent, author of the new book, Chicago From the Sky.  Okrent’s new book is a 248-page aerial history of the development of Chicago over the past 25 … Continue reading

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Other Blogs You Should be Reading: Curbed Chicago

I feel this may be a semi-regular feature (this kind of goes along with the no real plan for this blog yet motif I’m gunning for), but there’s an absolute wealth of great information, thought-provoking commentary, and humorous features out … Continue reading

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A North Side Sox Fan’s Guide to Bridgeport for Expatriate Cub Fans

Cub fans, we’ve got a lot more in common than you think.  I know what you’re feeling; the frustration, the apathy, in the late 90s, the Cubs were the hottest ticket in town while the Sox hit their nadir in … Continue reading

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Just in Case You’re Looking to Buy Me a Gift, but are Stumped

The latest edition to the burgeoning bar scene in Bridgeport is a new sports bar opening on 35th Street, directly across the street for Sox Park and in the same building as Gate 5.  Though it carries the unfortunately tacky … Continue reading

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Intriguing, Current Live Theatre in Chicago

Considering the term “Broadway” is epynonymous with the term “American live threatre” it’s no wonder that New York City is widely recognized as the epicenter of theatre in America.  It’s not really even up for debate with about 99% of Americans.  Beyond … Continue reading

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I Did Not Realize Beer Snobs Were Such Crybabies

By now of course you know that one of the biggest stories in Chicago this week was the buyout of Goose Island by the giant, multinational conglomerate AB-InBev, the parent company of Anheuser-Busch, better known as the purveyors of swill … Continue reading

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