It’s Stuff Like This that Just Makes My Brain Hurt

The first post-Charlie Sheen episode of Two and Half Men drew a staggering, STAGGERING 28 million viewers last night.  That is just simply otherworldly for the once dying art of the sitcom.  All of this despite the fact that the show itself is being roundly described as somewhere between “terrible” and “awful” today.

I have no real stake in Two and a Half Men or the bizarre Charlie Sheen drama obsession that has captivated people for so long… I think the show is terrible, Sheen is purposefully playing the part of the fool, and I didn’t bother to watch either Ashton Kutcher’s unveiling or the Charlie Sheen roast that was happening simultaneously on Comedy Central.  Instead, I stuck to some proven winners; 30 Rock‘s syndicated premier on Comedy Central and then Monday Night Football… though I did DVR the premier of The Playboy Club.  We’ll see how that decision feels.

Anyways, in the AV Club review that was linked, a commenter asked what’s the over/under on how long before the show has run its course…  I’m going to have to say Two and Half Men will be done after season 10.

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