I Really Need to Work Harder at This

See, it’s not that I like to let these blogs I start just wither and die, I really need to find direction.  So I will sit and think about that.  For now, a quick thumbs up/thumbs down to things that have been on my mind lately…

Thumbs Up to…

  • The Bedford, in Wicker Park.  I’m sure anyone from Chicago knows the story behind Hipsterville’s swankiest new lounge, but for those out of the Loop (literally and figuratively) it’s in the basement/vault of a former bank at the corner of Ashland and Division.  Their area has been totally redone and they have preserved the actual vault room (now a lounge to sit and drink) and the safe deposit wall… All very neat.  Good original cocktail selection, good service, and excellent food.  My fiance and I went a few weekends ago early (around 7) and nabbed two seats at the bar and had the gnocci (delicious).  Met some friends there Friday night much later (around midnight) and there was a full-blown oldies-mix dance party.
  • September 11 Memorial Plaza in New York.  Probably couldn’t blog on this day without talking about the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and the new plaza at Ground Zero, I think, is wonderful.  I think it’s a well-designed project that was executed perfectly.  The attached museum isn’t scheduled to open until next year, will have to book a trip to New York sometime afterwards to visit both.
  • Matt Forte.  Led the Bears in rushing yards (68) and receiving yards (90) in an opening week ass-kicking of Atlanta.  Scored the 1st touchdown of the season.  John Malkovich has some advice for you, Jerry Angelo.

Thumbs down to…

  • Bucky Larson, Born to Be A Star.  Now look, I like silly, even stupid, comedies as much as the next person, but you really have to try to suck to nab a 0% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.
  • HarvestTime Foods.  Normally, I am the #1 backer of my locally owned produce market at Talman & Lawrence.  Great selection, crazy prices, really love shopping there.  But how do you guys not carry 1 kind of whole-bean coffee?
  • the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I imagine it would be difficult to find a less likeable group of assholes, rapists, and cheap shot artists.  Now granted, I understand that pro athletes, and football players specifically, are naturally jerks, but these guys crank the douchebag up to 11.  I hope you go 0-16.
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