Hurricane Harbor Expanding… OK I Might Have to Finally Go

TribLocal’s Gurnee edition posted this update on the construction at Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags Great America’s sister water park.  Now, I haven’t been to Hurricane Harbor since it opened in 2005 because, well, I don’t think Six Flags has been all that cool since I was 14 (and it was 1997).  Also, by the time they actually opened Hurricane Harbor, that was smack in the middle of my exile to Central Illinois.  And frankly, even while I have lived in Chicago, the prospect of driving all the way to Gurnee to plop down whatever outrageous fee it costs to get into the park has not appealed to me in a long time.

However, the photos of the work being done and the description of the new rides has seriously tweaked my interest.  Its surprising how few good waterparks there are around Chicago.  Hell, before Hurricane Harbor opened up you had to go to Cherry Valley, all the way out by Rockford, if I remember correctly.  I’m sure it’s because you only have about 4 months of quality waterpark weather around here.  So, when someone comes along and actually builds something worth visiting, I guess it’s my civic duty to at least give it a chance.

Get Ready for the ‘Mega Wedgie’ and more new rides at Great America [TribLocal Gurnee]
Six Flags Great America expands ‘Riptide Bay’ [TribLocal Gurnee]

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