Other Blogs You Should be Reading: Curbed Chicago

I feel this may be a semi-regular feature (this kind of goes along with the no real plan for this blog yet motif I’m gunning for), but there’s an absolute wealth of great information, thought-provoking commentary, and humorous features out there in the internets.

I found Curbed Chicago earlier this year and it’s quickly become one of my “must-read” blogs.  Their “About” page might seem a bit dry, focused on real estate, development, and architecture; but the site is truly a portal into the living, breathing Chicago.  Just this past week they ran a 2-part series about the recent activity on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park and Bucktown, the revival of that ugly, half-finished condo project on Belmont at the Chicago River, and they find some of the best and/or oddest real estate listings in the city and beyond.

Curbed Chicago is part of the overall Curbed network which includes a national site (also worth a read), as well as sister sites representing various cities like New York, Washington, Los Angeles.  The Curbed network also includes sister Chicago sites, Eater Chicago (focused on the restaurant scene in town) and Racked Chicago (focused on retail).  Both are solid and worth your time, especially since the three sites combine for about 30 posts per day, but Curbed is the best, most in depth, and most consistently interesting.

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